Community Resources

Alderman Harry Osterman

A 501c3 that provides micro grants, fundraising advice, and organization services for small community groups operating in Edgewater, a neighborhood of Chicago, Illinois.

The Edgewater Historical Society is supporting the program of the Edgewater Environmental Sustainability Project to encourage residents to explore the community by walking, by bike or by public transportation.

Chicago Public Library Branch


A 501(c)3 supporting the programs and the operation of the library.

A not-for-profit volunteer organization driven to make Edgewater a model green community for the Chicago Area.


Creating and supporting a thriving business environment and vibrant Edgewater community.

3D printing and laser cutting services (Edgewater Reads plaque creators)


Edgewater Historical Society

The Edgewater Historical Society operates the museum and conducts a historic home tour every year, among other exciting programming.


The mission of Edgewater Village is to support and engage older adults, enhancing their quality of life as they age, so they remain active and contributing members of the community.