Community Build Days

Unique to our organization, the Edgewater Reads crew hosts a series of Little Free Library (LFL) Community Build Days throughout the year! We feature a locally designed little library model that is both efficient with materials and effective in Chicago's weather. Kits are provided to community members free of charge on Community Build Days and provided to outside members for a small donation!


Before the Build Day


On Community Build Day!

  • Meet us at our build location in appropriate building attire (building can get messy).
  • Bring your DIY guide, building buddy, and any tools you may have (hammer, safety glasses, electric drill).
  • Coordinate transportation- you will be building your very own Little Free Library to take home!
  • If you live outside of the community, we encourage a $50 donation to cover the material costs.

After the Build!

  • We recommend priming the Little Free Library before you paint to help withstand the outside elements.
  • Once you have your Little Free Library decorated the way you'd like it, contact Edgewater Reads to coordinate a free installations! We will bring the post, brackets, and diggers.
  • We strongly encourage choosing a location for your library on private property away from any larger tree roots. Call a safe dig service prior to our installs!